Agro Fila

Agro Fila is a brand that supports healthy lifestyle that the whole world promotes nowadays. They are one of the first companies in our country that produce cold pressed oils, pack healthy seeds, make handmade soaps without chemicals well as naturally based aromas.

Healthy life style!

We promoted this brand through the social network Facebook through a series of different activities. From creative graphic designs, animated Gifs, short videos, real photo shoots, commercial texts that were shared on our portals for a healthy lifestyle.

The trend for healthy eating and the interest of the audience in following the daily announcements and engagements were great. We also carried out Giveaway several times where we actively involved the whole audience, thus at the same time, the visibility of the brand on the Internet increased.

We also gave gifts from their products so the people could taste their healthy oils and feel the benefits of using them.

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