Aris De Gras

The brand Aris De Grass, which has a wide range of hygiene products, from the very beginning showed great confidence in our work and and at the same time outlined their idea of what they consider to be the most appropriate way to promote them online.

For perfect clean home!

We have created a strategy to increase visibility through the social network Facebook, as the most common in our country and also because their target was there. After a few months, we started intensively promoting the products through the social network Instagram, as the second most developed network in our country. The graphic designs which were a part of the campaigns, were primarily designed with a creative outlook which aimed to visually attract users to follow or be interested in them.

In the meantime, we have created other projects like- branding buses with their products and designs, which are used in public transport in our capital city of Skopje.

The pleasure was huge when we made real photo sessions with their products intended for internet use, but also following today’s sales trends, we upgraded the operation of their current website in an online store.

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