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Baby Blu is another of our long term clients for whom we have been working for more than 10 years. This company for selling baby equipment has many years of experience on the market. It is a great pleasure to work for this type of brand not only because of the pure love for children but also because of the opportunity for mutual development during all these years of cooperation.

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The cooperation increases the inspiration to create strategies or their best promotion on social media in order to raise the visibility and availability of the brand to the audience.

The brand is aware that new formats and trends emerge almost every day, and follows the trends available in the digital world in order to facilitate the most beautiful and exciting part of the life of future parents.

The communication strategy of Baby Blu fan pages is tailored for current and future mothers who want to learn more about the things which would make their lives easier during motherhood. Therefore, the announcements are fun or educational related to their little ones where they share to each other similar and same experiences, giveaways that give a great result, great visibility and engagement of the audience (to comment, share or like).

Because of this, the visuals contain the products presented in designs with fresh colors, children’s illustrations where the moments of joy and love for children are positively conveyed.

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