Our team was swayed by great euphoria when the cooperation with our client ellaOne started. It is a brand of contraceptive pill which is still a taboo for consumers in our country, as well as for followers who want to know more.

#My morning after

As for us, it was a serious challenge to work for this type of brand i.e. to search for a new kind of communication strategies with the audience which is rather conservative when it comes to intimate issues related to sex and its consequences. First of all, the purpose of the communication was to bring the brand closer to the audience through educational and entertaining campaigns with creative designs and gifs in order to enable the audience to understand both the brand and its purpose better. Moreover, we aimed to encourage the target audience to come out to communicate with us and at the same time we approached them through various communication messages to let them know that we are here to inform them not to judge them. Only together we can break the stigma which clouds this contraceptive pill.

We are so glad that on both social networks (Facebook and Instagram) we managed to develop mutual communication with the fans, at least in private messages, because it is a product that is used only for emergencies that most do not want to talk about in public.

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