When the brand Kristal, of the well-known Macedonian company - Kristal 1923 AD Veles, entered in our list of clients, we must admit that positive energy of the team was felt. This is primarily because of the huge challenge of working on an online promotion strategy for a brand that is well established and has reached a century. It has been on the market for almost 100 years.

Cooking with love!

This brand/company has long tradition and wide range of home-cooking products, where the target is housewives. But not only adult women but also young girls who will have to cook “tomorrow”. Therefore we decided to suggest a promotion through the social networks Facebook, which is most often used by adult women, as well as Instagram which is favored by younger audience who should get to know the brand well and use it in the future.

Apart from the social networks, there was a period of time when we made a TV promotion on several Macedonian televisions. We recorded a New Year video that presented the festive food prepared with their products and the Christmas euphoria.

The real photo sessions and cooking with their products were of course an integral part, so in cooperation with photographers we managed to show maximum professionalism in this part and to raise the brand to an even higher level.

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